Photo Gallery 1
This small 22x24 foot house was recently moved from this wide open lot by a very low bed trailer to a beautiful marshfront homesite, 28 miles away. 
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This picture shows the oak trees that we were able to manauver around  using the very low trailer. We moved this buildig on the road at night, but parked it on the owner's property until daylight, so that we could see to get around these trees.
This shows us removing the trailer using only four of our special tall toe jacks.We left the house on four of our steel jack stands, awaiting the owner's new foundation,The owner had us turn the house around in a very small space in order to face his marsh front property. He is single and has been living fulltime in an Airstream travel trailer for the past five years. He was very excited to get this large 22x24 foot home.